About Me

If you haven't yet gathered, my name is Libby. I'm currently eighteen-years-old and a major proponent of creative self-expression. One of my ways of doing just that is through this blog. Here, you may struggle to navigate due to my (admittedly) erratic stream of consciousness. Nonetheless, I hope you'll stick around and wander for a bit. To provide a bit of background about me, I've grown up and live in a tiny, coastal town in northern New England. My family consists of my older sister, Grace, my two parents, and my Bernese Mountain Dog, Luna (who's currently lying on the couch with guilty eyes, watching me type)...

I've always had an intense yearning to live in a city. I love the energy, the pace, the motley assortment of people, and the abundance of boundless opportunity a city provides. I'm currently living in the Big Apple attending college. All of this is incredibly exciting to me (while being completely terrifying at the same time). I'm not sure what's to come due to the magnitude of unknowns
that lie ahead of me — and I can't wait to find out.

Contrary to the content of this "About Me" thus far, I strive to live my life in the present. I've found that achieving the most fulfilling and joyous life possible comes down to pinpointing life's facets — big or small — that generate happiness in any given individual's life and living those passions, today and every day. Although cliché, I believe overall happiness is dictated by personal perspective. 

Regarding myself, I gain joy through infinite elements of life. Some of which include: September, graphic design, cooking, love, guacamole, pancakes (not served together, don't worry), people, my family, coffee shops, fashion, nostalgia, taking photos, doing laundry (not sure how to justify that one), etc.

The mind, the human being, and life in general are mystifying wonders. You — you're a living, breathing wonder. Identify the things that you are passionate about, the places you love, the people you truly connect with, and the first thought that brings a smile to your face each morning. Along the way, you'll identify yourself. I can confidently tell you now: whoever that person is, he or she is uniquely you and — therefore — pretty awesome.

So, like I said, welcome to my world. My main goal is to share myself and my passions with others and, in doing so, connect in whatever way(s) possible with the person reading this on the other side of the screen.

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, but
people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Thank you for visiting. Much love :)
xx, Lib