Sunday, February 21, 2016

I'm Home? Future-Tripping, Schemas, & A Ramble by Me.

I live just outside of Portland, Maine. I've lived in the same town -- the same house -- for my entire life. Undoubtedly, it's a beautiful place. The greenery is lush; the coast is rocky; the winters are white; the leaves are vibrant; the air is pure.  

I will not live here for the rest of my life; that I can say with confidence. That being said, where is my real home? Such question has been on my mind lately. I have been away from home for a couple of months recently, and I've been future-tripping again and again about next year (and what lies ahead in my life overall). Many would consider this kind of forward-thinking unproductive, only perpetuating the inability of many to live in the present. Sure, it's true that one can only fit and manage so much up there (in the lofted land known as her mind). However, what if forward-thinking is what keeps her going; what inspires her; what motivates her; what helps her succeed; what brings her joy? Since being home, I haven't really felt like I am home -- I haven't felt grounded or present.