Sunday, October 25, 2015

(Guest) OOTD: Grace & the Big Red Wall

I miss childhood TV shows. I don't know about you, but I was a PBS Kids gal all the way. I loved Arthur, Dragon Tales, Cyberchase, Curious George, and (most importantly): Clifford the Big Red Dog. I wanted to be Emily Elizabeth and secretly, deep down, thought I was her (possibly because my first name is Libby -- nickname of Elizabeth -- which is the second (less important) half of her two-part name)). I was a weird kid.

Watching these shows was a very exciting privilege that my sister and I shared, which we jokingly look back upon now. Although I was not a fan of this rule throughout my childhood, I can now respect my parents' decision to only allow the two of us to watch TV on the weekends (including Friday afternoons). That being said, it was part of our routine to hurry home after school on Fridays, grab the parmesan Goldfish Crackers out of the cabinet, plop ourselves down on the couch, and flip the TV to PBS's channel. We both shared a love for Clifford, as 1) the show is inarguably adorable and 2) Clifford reminded us of our large, goofy Bernese Mountain Dog named Chester. 

To FINALLY make my rambling relevant, this wall is very Clifford-like to me. That's not the reason I'm featuring the following photos in this post though -- I truly really like the outfit Grace wore this day. So, without further aideu...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Praising Portland & Pai Men Miyake

I live in a pretty cool place. Often, I overlook this level of "coolness" -- the food scene, the artistic flair, the diversity of people. Seeking a change, I spent part of last weekend taking in my surroundings, comprehensively and sensorily: the sights, the scents, and particularly -- the TASTES. 

The Miyake restaurants in Portland are quite famous, known for their outstanding, gourmet Japanese cuisine. Saturday, we decided to be a bit more adventurous than normal (by we I mean my family of four) -- we ventured downtown for a unusual lunchtime excursion. Unregrettably, we found ourselves at Pai Men Miyake on State Street, stomachs rumbling and chopsticks at the ready. Their menu is fairly small but provides a vast range of options for those with particular dietary needs, varying levels of "pickiness," and perhaps a present desire to branch out and try something new.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

OOTD: Earthy Ease

Morning! Well, that is, it's morning here -- so naturally I decided to commence today's post with a start-of-the-day "hello" (while sipping my still-full mug of coffee and happily sporting my frumpy pajamas). Yesterday was quite the day, as my sister made the trek home from college for the weekend. That being said, Saturday was a family whirlwind filled with restaurant dining, manicure-getting, errand running, and up-catching (get a backwards "catching up"...I know, I'm definitely not as clever as I deem myself internally). We spent a large chunk of the day downtown, wandering through the city amid unquestionably brisk weather. From this day forward, I can safely say that the annual autumnal chill is in full-swing (yesterday's high was 54ยบ F). Not only is my body struggling to adapt to this cooler weather, but also my wardrobe is facing a multitude of difficulties.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Importance of Slow Living

Right now, you are in motion. Although you may be physically stationary (as I am currently -- joined by my laptop and my favorite blanket), you're positioned upon a moving mass. Our earth, without cease, is rotating on its axis. This is true now; this was true seven seconds ago; and this will be true tomorrow morning. Quick disclaimer: this post is not intended to be a recitation of an elementary level science lesson. Instead, this post's aim is to make you think; contemplate; ponder.