Saturday, September 26, 2015

COMFORTING Garden Veggie Stew / Curry Pot

So...another food post. Sorry? I just can't help myself; food means a lot to me. Today's recipe is a deliciously wholesome Garden Veggie Stew / Curry Pot (a bit of a wordy title, I know). In essence, it doesn't seem like the most exciting dish. HOWEVER, I promise this one will not disappoint. Pull out your cutting board, your favorite chopping knife (we all have one), and a cast iron pot: it's stew time.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Untrendy is the NEW Trendy?

Through the daily scouring of my Instagram feed, assorted magazines, the blackhole of Tumblr, and even the streets, I've come to a pivotal realization: ugly is "in"! Due to the sudden rebirth of the 70's trend, it appears that I'm not the first to recognize this fad...Nonetheless, you know the hand-me-neck turtleneck your grandmother gifted you a few years back -- ribbed, mustard yellow, and a (painstakingly) perfect rendition of its label (when worn, you literally morph into a turtle -- bug-eyed, extendo-necked and all)? Well, dig that sucker out! It's time to do a closet excavation.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A FALL Mixtape (My Music Picks)

To so many of us, music is a central component to our daily existence. Music has the ability to capture the essence of an internal emotion, a special place, a time of the year, and so on. When reflecting on the past, I find myself sectioning off certain periods in my memory based on a collection of songs, an album, or a specific artist. For example, when I think of last September, I think of "Menswear" by The 1975; James Vincent McMorrow; Atlas Genius; songs from Ed's "+" album; etc. To get to my point, we all have experienced music's power to induce a certain feeling. Thus, I figured I'd put together a playlist that celebrates the changing of the leaves and amplifies my inner autumnal excitement.

Cuddle up, inhale the crisp air, and enjoy!

Friday, September 18, 2015

FALL HARVEST SUPERFOOD BOWL & I have some explaining to do...

Welp...Long time no talk! Feeling lackluster and uninspired is quite a discouraging feeling. Lately, this discouragement has felt perpetual. September is (undoubtedly) my favorite month of the year. In the past, come the first of this month, I'm struck with a newfound sense of vitality. Unfortunately, things didn't quite unfold in such nature this time around. This year, September 1st meant that it was officially time: to start the summer homework I had been procrastinating, to prepare (mentally) for the start of school, and, frankly, to just get my sh*t together. These past couple of weeks, I've found myself preoccupied with an overflow assignments, a shortage of coffee breaks, and an overall sleep-deficient self.

This dullness I've been feeling hasn't solely involved a lack of creative inspiration either -- physically, the cooler weather is taking a toll on my health (as I sit here writing and sniffling beside a box of tissues). As a result, I've been trying to pack in the nutrients in order to feel my best and ward off whatever illnesses are swirling through the halls of my high school.