Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wandering Without Purpose

So many things we do are purposeful. If you're like me, most things you do are thought out; planned; prearranged. Why? I guess it's based on one's individual nature/character. Additionally, how we've been brought up likely influences whether we're more inclined to act on spontaneity or rationality. Either way, I think purposeless acts are beneficial every once in a while. Such acts, big or small, draw upon our inner adventurer. Thus, as I said, it's important to let that person emerge every now and again.

I know -- I'm probably boring you with yet another random and weirdly philosophical post. Thereby, I'll do my best to twist it a bit in an effort to increase its interestingness(?). For the majority of my childhood, I went to visit my grandmother on an island for a couple weeks during the summer. It's quite a small island with very little going on. There's the ice cream parlor (the hot spot for locals and vacationers alike), the Island Market (the "grocery" store -- with quite a slim selection of groceries...), the Yacht Club (where the wealthy summer-ers mingle), a small, cottagey shop (with overpriced goods that are often, if not always, just admired instead of purchased), and a multitude of beaches (it is an island, after all). Despite the lack of activity, it's a place that has captured my heart since I was very little. Maybe it's just the nostalgia, but there is no denying the beauty of the island itself.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Labels & Personality Types: Who Are You?

I have a mild obsession with online personality quizzes. I love finding out which flower represents me, who my celeb best friend is, which Spice Girl I'm most like, etc...I'm not going to lie, I still visit to check out their latest tween quizzes on a regular basis (my guilty pleasure, what can I say). There's something about reading a written categorization of myself that I find incredibly intriguing.

I went through a phase a couple of months ago where I made everyone who's close to me in my life take a (modified) Meyers-Briggs test (linked here). This, of course, was after I had taken it and was completely awed by the accuracy of my results. In essence, it's a ten minute online quiz that provides one with a "concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do, for free." Sounds invigorating, right?

Sunday, August 16, 2015


My friend used a quote the other day that really resonated with me: "August -- the Sunday of summer." August is like the calm after the storm. In a way, this month is a bit upsetting; the anticipation of the crazy months to come is constantly lurking (especially as a student). Similarly, Sundays are bittersweet, as 1) they're incredibly relaxing and necessarily lazy but 2) the (unavoidable) resentment toward the impending Monday is clearly present. Today is not just a Sunday, but it's a Sunday in August. This prompted me to think a bit. Why bother resenting, mourning, and allowing this negative energy to exist? Instead, enjoy -- revel in the moment, be it a Sunday, August, or even a Sunday in August.

The topic of sleep may seem extremely unrelated to this post's content thus far, but the connection makes sense in my head. Here, I'll explain:

I don't sleep all that well during the summer, and I'm assuming I'm not alone. The humidity, mugginess, and brightness don't amount to the most ideal slumber conditions. Thankfully, now that it's August, I'm finding that the nights are becoming noticeably cooler and, in turn, I'm getting a better night's sleep. Perhaps it's a mind over matter kind of thing, but I'm definitely sleeping both longer and sounder lately -- luxuries that I will inevitably lose out on come early September. That being said, what better time than now to share my summer sleep essentials to help you make the most of (or, sleep the most throughout) the remainder of August. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chocolate Sugar Cookies w/ Raw Turbinado Sugar

Holy. Moly. Just LOOK at these cookies. Today has been a rainy Tuesday that I (accidentally) slept through the majority of...I laid down at around 11 AM with the objective of taking a short, 20 minute snooze. Three hours later, I awoke looking zombie-esque and in a confused, groggy, and hungry fluster. I immediately gained a burst of energy when, after making my way downstairs, I found my sister perusing the ingredient cupboard and preheating the oven -- it could only mean one thing. My stomach is still smiling at the thought (and at the lingering, chocolatey smell that is still present in our kitchen).

About an hour later, these beauties emerged from the oven. Chocolatey. Rich. Buttery. Soft interior. Crunchy exterior. Bliss. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Healing Stones.

Whilst on my trip to Scotland, we did quite a bit of shopping. Whenever I travel, I try to take home unique items that act as tokens -- reminders -- of the given trip. We went into a very earthy store on the Isle of Arran that sold incense, woven bowls, dream catchers, stones, and other related trinkets. The stones are what caught my eye, surprisingly. You know how there are those kids who collect stones? You know, the reason why every single museum sells collectable, "rare" rocks and crystals -- be it one of art or antique airplanes? Maybe that kid was you, but I can guarantee that we all can think of at least one...Anyways, in this store, that kid would've been in heaven.

 Baskets of stones lined the store's exterior, each with an accompanying index card reading the gems' meanings. I found myself totally enthralled in reading about the capabilities of these small, solid fragments. They were beautiful -- don't get me wrong -- but it seemed a bit silly to me to think that a mere rock could have the power to "reduce anxiety" and "stimulate creativity."

Naturally, I bought three.

Friday, August 7, 2015

(Guest) OOTD - Saturdays, Soft Shades, & the Spinach Search

My sister and I share a lot in common but, in particular, we share a love for food -- all things food. We love grocery shopping. We love cooking. We love blog hopping. We love creating our own recipes. And we love...eating. I guess this is how the term "foodie" came about. Anyways, Grace and I live in a place that many consider to be a "foodie hotspot" (aka we're surrounded by many like-minded people as well as incredible restaurants and markets). With that said, supporting local farmers is highly valued and promoted here. There's a strong emphasis on buying an abundance of fresh produce, eating organic foods, attending nearby farmers' markets, and thriving on a healthy & wholesome diet overall.

So to rewind a bit...As I said, there's a strong emphasis on attending nearby farmers' markets. When the two of us were clicking around on our laptops the other night, we came across an article that rated the top farmers' markets in the country. Little did we know that OUR local farmers' market had made the list and we hadn't ever been before. Outrageous, I know. Needless to say, our upcoming Saturday plans were booked.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

(Day) Trip to Boston: A Photo Diary

Boston's an interesting city; one in which a strong sense of pride is always present. Bostonians love their city, their Sox, their beer, their historical worth, and so on. I've always felt a strong connection to this city (it's where I was born, where my parents met, and where we traveled frequently as a family throughout my childhood). Although Boston is distinctly contrastive from mod New York and chill Chicago, it's very...authentic. The people may not be the warmest, nor is the local fashion particularly noteworthy for its chicness, but it's unlike any other city out there. That being said, it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

OOTD: Metropolitan Monochromatic

I recently day-tripped to Boston with my friend Mere (as you'll see more thoroughly in an upcoming post). Unfortunately, we happened to choose one of the hottest, stickiest, and still days of the summer to venture southward (it was about 90ºF which, as a New Englander, is wicked hot -- pun intended). I didn't necessarily choose the most weather-appropriate outfit, but I wasn't unreasonably uncomfortable (all was well). Style over practicality any day, right? I went with a fairly summery/beachy vibe while maintaining my simple, relaxed style.