Friday, February 20, 2015

Trip to NYC: A Photo Diary

Hello! Because today's post is photo-heavy, I'm going to keep the text to a minimum. This past week encompassed more college visits. This time, my mom and I headed to NYC to tour some schools (NYU, Parsons, etc.) and explore the city. Of course, because I consider New York to be one of the most photogenic cities I've visited (if not the most), I had a bit of a photography field day.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Playlist: My Music Picks

Music is an extremely significant aspect of my life. Although I'm not much of a musician, I absolutely love discovering new music and artists, attending concerts, developing personal connections through music (be it a lyrical connection, a song two people can share together, the generation of self-reflection, etc.) and much more.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trip to St. Augustine: A Photo Diary

 - 2.7.15 - Tropical Tones & Winter Warmth -
Hello everyone! I'm currently coming to you from a hotel, as we abruptly decided to take a spontaneous getaway down south for a weekend of sunshine, family, and college tours. It's been so nice to escape the brutal winter weather at home (I think we're going on around four feet of snow)... We spent yesterday in Saint Augustine, Florida; a city that hadn't ever been to and was very pleasantly surprised with! The city itself is a bit polarized, with some incredibly touristy sections but also an abundance of quaint little side-streets lined with coffee shops, eclectic restaurants, thrift shops, book stores, and so on.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Why I Aspire to be Alexa Chung:

• She's hilarious; funny, witty, and drly hysterical. 

• She's made a name for herself. It doesn't even matter what her profession is,
because I'm not sure if anyone knows.

• She's authentically quirky.

• She mingles with Anna Wintour, Harry Styles, Pixie Geldof, 
Nick Grimshaw, Matty Healy (^), and so many more.